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So you go to lake norman hs? (Jw not a stalker)

I used to! I graduated last year and leave for college tomorrow morning😁

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I know you from school so hi but there's no way in hell my blog is going public so bye :x. You post nice stuff.

Ah thanks you should say hi or something!


11:45 is the perfect time to watch The Devil Wears Prada


thank you science

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Eyeliner game hella


Kim Peek (November 11, 1951 – December 19, 2009)

Kim Peek was an American savant. Known as a “megasavant”, he had an exceptional memory, he experienced some social difficulties, however he grew to be outwardly engaging.

According to Peek’s father, Fran Peek, Kim was able to memorize things from the age of 16–20 months. He read books, memorized them, and then placed them upside down on the shelf to show that he had finished reading them, a practice he maintained. He could speed through a book in about an hour and remember almost everything he had read, memorizing vast amounts of information. According to an article in The Times newspaper, he could accurately recall the contents of at least 12,000 books.

He was the inspiration for the character of Raymond Babbitt, played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rain Man.

Screenwriter Barry Morrow gave Kim his Oscar statuette to carry with him and show at appearances; it has since been referred to as the “Most Loved Oscar Statue” as it has been held by more people than any other. Kim also enjoyed approaching strangers and telling them on which day of the week they were born and what news items were on the front page of major newspapers. Peek also appeared on television many times. Kim Peek’s parents divorced in 1981, and his father cared for him alone until his son’s death.

During one presentation Mr. Peek gave at Oxford University in England, after he fielded students’ questions about the Lusitania and about British monarchs, a young woman stood and asked him, “Kim, are you happy?”

“I’m happy just to look at you,” Mr. Peek said.

Peek died of a heart attack on December 19, 2009 at age 58.

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here and here

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like there’s gotta be a way of easing ourselves into adulthood rather than just being thrown in at the deep end like most of us are. we haven’t figured it out yet but i have a pretty good feeling it involves donuts

i do not remember this

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I am actually quite excited for Sherlock coming back despite Martin Freeman being some sort of rapist


Me and my baby girl Angeline, my beautiful fellow osteosarcoma survivor trying to imitate the fault in our stars movie cover. I met her while we were going through chemo last fall. She’ll always be my hazel grace

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"Inverted (Self-Portrait)" Emily Arran


Charcoal and White Charcoal on Toned Paper

hey ladies and gents look it’s me


"Beginning a Journey" Emily Arran


Watercolor & Ink

Emily Arran Miller's Artwork

HEY GUYS go follow my blog of my artwork plz :)))) ily

i dont have much stuff up yet, i have tons more to add!


2013 was my character development year which means 2014 is strictly action and story progression and i dont know about you but i’m excited